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What is Elearning? How is it right for me?
Elearning is just in time learning i.e. learning the course online as per your convenience. Any course, anytime, anyday and anywhere in the World. It is a tailormade solution for learning and educating oneself in present day scenario, which is demanding and competitive. One can take up an Elearning course for upgrading professional skills, for a career shift and even to pursue personal interests.
Why study at Aonlinetraining?
Aonlinetraining is a sister concern of Compufield - The pioneer computer Institute which was established in 1985, having experience in imparting Computer training to students and professionals, from any field, from India and Abroad. Aonlinetraining is the result-oriented solution to FAQ (Frequently asked questions) from the students and professionals.
Our plan is to offer our courses online by the best derived methodology suited to our students, so that they can learn and enhance their knowledge to progress in their respective jobs and pursue their careers.
Will I get a trial course?
Yes, We will give approximately 10% of the course you choose absolutely free. There are several reasons for such an offer, for example,
  1. To get the feel of Aonlinetraining's quality training.
  2. To decide whether the methodology of our online training suits you.
  3. To decide whether your time and money is worth it.
  4. To understand if the course will benefit you.
  5. To make up your mind about taking up the rest of the course.
How does a student learn online the courses at

The lectures and instructions are based on asynchronous learning models, and have removed the limits normally associated with real-time learning. You need not schedule specific hours of the day, where you must sit in front of the computer. Rather, you can learn at your own convenience.

Our registered students receive access to the online environment in which the course material is posted—essentially web pages with high quality text, graphical and multimedia content. You can learn at your own pace(also go over a topic or an exercise all over again if need be!), whenever you like and from anywhere in the World.

All Notes & Assignments are turned in as PDF files posted in our members section and student-instructor interaction takes place via e-mail or chat. Teaching is highly interactive, with ongoing feedbacks, assessments, evaluation, monitoring & projects.

How long does it take to finish a course? Can I go to the next phase before completing the previous one?

On an average, a student is expected to spend MINIMUM 10 hours PER WEEK. For Example- To complete a course of 80 sessions it would take approximately 8 weeks. But you could spend more time per week and complete your course earlier.

Go to OUR COURSES for details.

To answer the second question, No, you cannot skip or jump to another phase before completing the previous one. The reason being we evaluate your performance phasewise and the course is designed in a very structured and systematic way, to make you understand every feature of that particular topic.

Is there a deadline for completion?
You have the flexibility to study at your convenience, but in general, you'll receive 2 months of access to a 4 phase course. If you cannot complete the course in that time, you can request extension for upto one week after which you will have to pay additional charges depending on the requested extra time.
Do I need to buy textbooks in addition to your courses?
We do not suggest you buy any textbooks. Our courses have been developed by a team of designers, educators, writers and programmers with more than 16 years of combined experience. So the courses are really like textbooks themselves. We also give you notes in the form of PDF files.
Will I be interacting with Instructors?
Yes ofcourse! Interacting with aonlinetraining's Instructors is one of the most important aspect of Aonlinetraining. Aonlinetraining offers multiple opportunities for interaction, such as email, chat rooms, a virtual bulletin board for students comments. We will also be sending a newsletter on an ongoing basis and there is also an online portfolio area. Your queries and mails will be attended to instantly.
Will I be interacting with other students?
Interacting with students of Compufield is an important aspect of Aonlinetraining. Aonlinetraining offers multiple opportunities for interaction, such as email, chat rooms, a virtual bulletin board for students comments. We will also be sending a newsletter on an ongoing basis and there is also an online portfolio area. Aonlinetraining is a community where students can meet, get to know each other and learn together in some spontaneous, surprising and invaluable ways.
All your offerings look exciting. How do I know which one is for me? And how do I choose electives for a Diploma course?
When choosing a Diploma course, it's important to keep two things in mind: your current skill level and your future goals. If you're unsure about which course to choose, we suggest you start with the Graphics course (CorelDraw) which will help you to build fundamental design skills and concepts. As you progress in this course, you'll begin to see which direction you want to go into. We give you an opportunity to take any of our courses approximately 10% free so as to help you decide on the course.
Do I get a certificate upon completion of the course? If I do the Diploma course, do I get a separate certificate for every module in the course?
For each Individual course that you complete, you will receive an individual course certificate. The Diploma course is a separate thing altogether. After completing all the individual modules covered in the diploma course, you will receive an Diploma Certificate.
What's your grading policy? What's your failure policy?
We have a grading policy of - A,B,C grades awarded to the student based on the evaluation of the students progress and other related qualities. The project plays an important role in the Grading.
How much do courses cost?
Fees for our Certificate courses range from $60 to $315;
Diploma courses range from $215 to $1,100.
How do I register?

To register for courses, just go to the Registration Center from here or from the "Registration Center link" on our homepage. The payment mode can be

  1. Credit Card transaction or
  2. Bank to Bank transaction or
  3. Demand Draft & Cheque in favour of Aonlinetraining and payable in Mumbai only (applicable to students staying in India only).

As soon as we receive your payment clearance you will be notified by an email to start the course. See How to Register for detailed registration instructions.

After I register, when do I start?

Once you register and pay, you start after payment is clear. The actual course will start on the following day, unless you request to start at a specific date.

We will email to you, your user name and password. The password may be changed by you on our website.

How do I pay for the courses?
The payment mode can vary from Online credit card transaction / Bank to Bank transaction / Demand draft & Cheque in favour of aonlinetraining and payable in Mumbai only (applicable to students staying in India only).
I don't have a credit card, how do I pay by cheque, money order or bank draft?
For Foreign students we don't give any facility apart from Credit Card transactions and Bank to Bank transfer. For Indian Students Cheque, Money Order and Bank Draft payable in Mumbai is acceptable to us but the course will start only after the transaction is complete. Make your Cheque or Money Order payable to "Aonlinetraining" and mail it
My employer would like to pay for my education at What do I do?
The standard payment mode in the registration center will apply. Some companies prefer invoices, we can issue invoices for you. Just email to us at with your company's name, address and phone number, plus the billing person's contact information. (Don't forget to include your name, your desired courses, and your preferred starting dates!)
I'd like to take a Diploma course. Can I pay in monthly installments?
Yes, you can (but not for all diploma courses). Once you have chosen which option you wish, send an e-mail to us, including your name and the Diploma course you wish to take. No installments for certificate courses.
Do you have a refund policy?
No, we do not have a refund policy. But the course may be transferred to some other person if the management feels the reason is genuine enough.
After I've finished one course, how do I start my next course?
Once you've finished your first course, go to registration center and fill the form once again, typing the same details and pay for the course accordingly. That's it!
How many courses can I take at once?
We suggest you take just one course at a time. However, if you feel you can handle the workload, you may take more. Be sure to consult the syllabus for each course, to measure their length and difficulty and plan your curriculum accordingly or feel free to email us and take guidance from our experienced counselors.
The subject I want to study is not in your catalogue, will you be developing such courses soon?
Please feel free to suggest any new topic that you would like to study as our faculty members are always ready to expand our curriculum and develop new courses.
Will I find a job once I finish? Is there any job placement service?
All Diploma students will get job assistance from For more details click on Career Center.

Hadware & Software Requirements:

What hardware do I need?
You can be a PC user to take our courses. You'll need a Pentium II with Internet connection and a web browser (Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher).
Do I need a lot of plug-ins or broadband access to take classes with
We don't use streaming media or Flash in our courses because not everyone has high-speed modems or broadband access. All you need is basic Internet access.
How do I get the necessary Software?
Depending upon the course taken by you, you can either download the free version of the software from the respective sites (the links of which are displayed on our webpages of that particular course) or you can purchase the software from the respective software sites or locally from the dealers.
Will I receive the software?
You will have to download the trial version software from the links given in our course pages. If you request for a CD, then we can dispatch the trial version CD by courier only if the courier charges are borne by you.

For International Students:

I live in Egypt. Can I take the entire course from here?
Yes, of course! Our philosophy is to make it possible for students from all over the World to take courses taught by Top Instructors. You may take the course from wherever you are as long as you have access to a computer and the Internet.
Can I pay in my own currency?
Normally, if you pay by credit card online, or if you write a cheque in US dollars, the bank will automatically make the currency conversion for you.

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