Diploma Course in Fashion Designing Using Illustrator

Fashion Designing Using Illustrator Free Trial

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Fashion Designing Using Illustrator Free Trial
1) Illustrator Introduction
2) User Interface
3) Basic Shapes
4) Fill Strokes
5) How to apply gradient
6) Type Tool
7) Learn To Design A T-shirt
8) Learn To Design A Cap
9) Learn To Design Socks

Three Steps to Earn a Certificate of Participation

1. You are just 4 steps away from your certificate
2. Begin by viewing the free trial class
3. Practice what you see in the videos on your computer
4. Email us your files on info@aonlinetraining.com
5. Our trainers will check your files
6. You are now eligible to receive your certificate

You will then be eligible to receive the Certificate of Participation.

A lucrative opportunity to acquire a certificate of Participation , all you need to do is to carefully view the videos. Then practice what has been taught to you in the appropriate software. Email us your work , you will then receive your certificate of Participation.

Diploma In Fashion Designing Using Illustrator

Rs 20,000/- (US $500)

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop

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