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2D Jewelery Designing using Illustrator Course Content

Adobe Illustrator is a vector based drawing software which can be used for 2D Jewellery Designing. In this program you will work on hand drawn sketches, technical drawing and apply digital painting techniques to the 2D jewellery Designs. We will begin right from the basics of designing and then proceed to creation of complex designing involving diamonds, emeralds and baguettes.

The 2d Jewellery Designing using Illustrator is an Intensive Diploma which helps individuals to develop their jewellery knowledge and learn to apply the nuances of CAD.

The Free Demo class for the 2D Jewellery Designing course gives aspiring students a glimpse into what the entire course has to offer. The course is divided into modules which will enable students to learn Jewellery Designing using illustrator in a structured manner. Frequent projects and assignments will help students to learn and apply the concepts of designing, embedding gemstones and creating intricate pieces of jewellery.

Jewellry Designing Using Illustrator Course Content

Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
Phase IV
Phase V

Phase I

  1. Introduction to Illustrator
  2. User Interface
  3. How to fill stroke
  4. How to apply gradient
  5. How to create Gold Shading
  6. Live Demo - How to make Colored Stones
  7. Live Demo - How to make Kundan
  8. Live Demo - How to make 2D Diamond

Phase II

  1. Simple Ring Using Prong Settings
  2. Simple Engagement Ring
  3. Simple Pendant Design

Phase III

  1. Long Earring with Emerald Droplet
  2. Pendant with Dangling Pearl
  3. Bracelet with White Rose Gold

Phase IV

  1. Pendant with Diamonds in Pave Settings
  2. Earring and pendant set
  3. Diamond Bangles

Phase V

  1. Butterfly Shaped Earrings
  2. Lotus Shaped Royal Silver Earrings
  3. Complex Ruby Pendant