Online Courses In Jewellery Designing

2D Jewelery Designing using CorelDraw Course Content

The Jewelery Design Course Online aims at providing 2D jewelery design training to individuals interested in learning Cad design for jewelery. Coreldraw , Photoshop will be used inorder to design jewelery online

This course begins from starting the CorelDraw Program and covers its powerful features used to create professional graphics. How to add basic drawing elements, and create different diamonds and precious stones, how to modify those elements and then edit and colour are covered in the exercises. You are then taken through some of the special effects that can be applied to them. The creative aspect of making bangles, rings, jewellery sets and other professional artwork is also covered.

Jewellry Designing CAD Course Content

Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
Phase IV
Phase V
Phase VI
Phase VII
Phase VIII
Phase IX

Phase I

  1. How to Start the CorelDRAW program
  2. Introduction to the CorelDRAW program, Menu bar & Drawing Toolbox
  3. Overview of Drawing tools
  4. Editing the object
  5. Basic shapes
  6. Shape Tools
  7. Fountain fill
  8. Gold shading

  9. Kundan

  10. Live Demo - How to make Colored Stones

  11. Live Demo - How to make Diamond

  12. Live Demo - How to make Bagget

Phase II

  1. How to make simple Rings
  2. Demo

  3. Exercise I

Phase III

  1. Prong
    1. Prong settings

    2. Prong Pave

    3. Pave settings

    4. Channel settings

    5. Flush settings

    6. Invisible settings

    7. Pressure settings

  2. Bezel
    1. Bezel settings

    2. Bezel Ring

Phase IV

  1. Miscellaneous designs of Rings using different settings
    1. Live demo of Ring 1

    2. Live demo of Ring 2

Phase V

  1. Miscellaneous design of Pendants using different settings
    1. Live demo of Pendant 1

Phase VI

  1. Miscellaneous design of Earings using different settings
    1. Live demo of Earing 1

Phase VII

  1. Miscellaneous designs of Bracelets using different settings
    1. Live demo 1

    2. Live demo 2

Phase VIII

  1. Miscellaneous design of Bangle using different settings

  2. Based on the above demos, please make the following exercises

Phase IX

  1. Live Demo 1 - Jewellery set including Necklace, Earings, Ring

  2. Live Demo 2 - Necklace