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R Language Course Syllabus

R is a programming language commonly used in data analytics, statistical computing, virtual data manipulation and scientific research. It also includes extremely powerful graphics capabilities. R is free to download as it is licensed under the terms of GNU General Public license. A global R community of around 2 million users, developers, and contributors support contribute and maintain R language. IEEE publishes a list of the most popular programming languages each year. R was ranked 5th in 2016, up from 6th in 2015. Programming codes of R can be used across all platforms like Linux, Windows, and Mac. R supports cross-platform interoperability.


  • R is being used by the biggest tech giants like Twitter uses R for monitoring user experience while Ford uses it to analyze social media to support design decisions for their cars.
  • Programming languages like R helps a data scientist to collect data in realtime, perform statistical and predictive analysis, create visualizations and communicate actionable results.
  • R’s expressive syntax used for Statistical computing allows to import, clean, analyze, visualize and present data from various data sources.
  • R also has charting capabilities, which helps to plot data and create interesting visualizations, multi-panel charts, 3-D graphs from any dataset.
  • Everyone from machine learning enthusiasts to researchers use R to implement machine learning algorithms in fields like finance, genetics research, retail, marketing and health care.
  • R connects easily to many relational databases to manipulate or analyze large amount of data.
  • Several languages like C, C++, Java, FORTRAN, Python works efficiently with R

R Language Course Syllabus

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