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Mobile App Course

App Development Course for kids 9 years and above

In today's digital world with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, most of our activities like learning, working, shopping, playing games, socializing are carried on using computers, laptops, tablets or smartphones.
Today kids from a very young age are exposed to smartphones and are well versed with handling numerous applications. Although they are rather curious about these apps they do not understand how to build, code and maintain these applications.Every child should be given this platform of learning how to code and program apps.

Every child must get an opportunity to learn to programming.

How can kids learn coding?

As opposed to the scenario 15 years ago today there has been a paradigm shift where children as young as 8 years of age can learn how to code an app in a step by step manner. These live Online sessions will enable them to learn coding from the basics, no prior knowledge of programming is required. It's a fun way to introduce coding related concepts and develop procedural thinking where the children can now switch from being information consumers to digital creators.
So take that first step and get your child started off on their journey towards reasoning and logical thinking.

What will your child learn in the App Development course?

In the App Development course, students will use visual, blocks-based programming to learn the basics of coding. They will be designing & developing their very own apps and games for smartphones.
They will learn about designing interfaces, layouts, graphics, animations and more. It is an excellent platform to combine their creativity and logical reasoning capacity and bring out the best in them.

Mobile App Course

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Mobile App Prgamming Course

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