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Adobe Flash Course Content

We at Aonlinetraining offer interactive online courses (e-learning) for Adobe Flash (Animation)

Our online training courses for Adobe Flash starts right from the Basics to the Most Advance features of the subject. All the tutorials, lessons for Adobe Flash are supplemented with proper assignments and projects which are monitored by us (Staff Members of Aonlinetraining)

Adobe Flash Course Content

Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
Phase IV
Phase V

Phase I

  1. How to start the Flash Program
  2. Interface of Flash environment
    1. Stage
    2. Timelines
  3. Toolbar options
    1. Arrow
    2. pencil
    3. brush
    4. eraser tool
    5. Magnifier
    6. text tool

Phase II

  1. Modify - Document
  2. Working with text - edit, break apart
  3. Transform options
  4. Animation techniques
    1. Using timelines and layers
    2. Difference between frames, blank keyframes, keyframes, etc.
  5. Shape tweening of objects and texts
  6. Working with symbols
    1. Creating graphic symbols
    2. simple motion tweening
    3. use of guide layers for motion tweening
    4. tweening properties like rotation, orient to path, loop and other
    5. instance, properties
    6. Creating button symbols
    7. edit the button symbol to give different effects for rollovers and clicks
    8. assigning actions like start, stop, etc.
  7. Library Window and color mixer window.
  8. Grouping of elements
  9. Importing and working with Bitmaps

Phase III

  1. Simple animation using Motion tweening - (Creating Graphic Symbols)
    1. From One Point to another
    2. Rotation Property
    3. Scalling , Color Style Properties
  2. Learn to -
    1. Create Animations using two or more than two layers.
    2. Transform options i.e Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical, Rotate, etc.
    3. Color Styles i.e Alpha.
    4. Copy Frames and Paste Frames" option from the Edit Menu.
  3. Animation using Shape tweening
    1. Layer Properties
    2. Motion along a path using guide layer
    3. Image Slicing
    4. Naming Slices & Inserting Slices
    5. Layer Masking
    6. Frame by frame animation
    7. Editing animations, delating frames ,inserting frames

Phase IV

  1. Library & library Properties
  2. Creating animations for showing special effects
  3. Blast effect
  4. Ripples effect
  5. Creating Movie-Clip symbols
    1. Converting an existing animation into a movie-clip
    2. Placing movie-clips inside the button symbol
    3. Placing movie-clips inside the graphic symbol
  6. Cell animation
  7. Writing Text

Phase V

  1. Creating interactive movies/CD presentations using the above animation techniques
  2. Adding sounds to a movie/presentation, importing and editing sounds
  3. Creating websites or home-pages of any website
    1. Optimizing movies & exporting movies for the web
    2. Exporting files

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