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Online 3D CAD/CAM Jewellery Designing Program Using Matrix ( Level - 1 )

Our 3D Jewellery CAD Training Program are perfect for those students who are keen to learn how to use Matrix to create 3D CAD jewellery models for rendering and 3D printing.
In this program we start right from the basics of Matrix using the tools, and then we start teaching how to design different kinds of jewellery using the program.

The program is a set of 60+ Hours( 40+ Videos ) ( Level 1 ). You would be learning different kinds of Jewellery


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01 - Matrix -Introduction Part1
02 - Introduction of Matrix - Part 2
03 Tools File
04 Matrix Tools Edit
05 Matrix Tools View

01 - Matrix -Introduction In Detail
02 - Introduction to Matrix - Interface In Detail
03 Tools File In Detail
04 Matrix Tools Edit In Detail
05 Matrix Tools View In Detail

01 Matrix Tools curve Part 1
02 Matrix Tools Curve Part-2
03 Matrix Tools Surface
04 Matrix Tools
05 Dimensions

01 Tools Analize
02 Applyling Tools To Creat Design
03 Background Bitmap
04 Array Polar
05 Extrude surface

01 Extrude surface
02 Fillet edges
03 Flow along surface
04 Metal weight calculation
05 Rectifing naked edges

01 Discuss about jewellery type with nature
02 Introduction nature of pendent
03 Ilustrations
04 Theory 1
05 Theory2

01 Theory 3
02 Theory 4
03 Theory 5
04 Theory 6

01 Practical Metal Thickness
02 Practical Prong Setting
03 Practial Pave Setting
04 Practial Bazel Setting
05 Mounting

01 Gold Long Earing
02 Heart Shape Pendent
03 Over Lapping Pendent
04 Daily Wear Small Pendent

PHASE - 10
01 How to Create Basic Shapes of Loop
02 Various Shapes of Loop
03 How To Make Bali
04 Pave Setting Bali With Filligri Work

PHASE - 11
01 How to Make Bizel Extend Duriblity of Metal Surface
02 Pendent Set
03 Mangalsutra
04 How to Find Proper Ring Size For Your Finger!!
05 How to Design Ring Shank

PHASE - 12
01 Make a Ring Shank In Verious Way
02 Asimatric Ring Shank
03 How to Design Pave Setting In Band Ring

Designs which you would be making in the Training Program

We start the program with Introducing the interface of the program, then we go ahead with the different tools which are available for jewellery designing.

The next, we teach how to work with tracing of images, once you get your final picture confirmed from your client, how would you use those reference images.

Next, we go ahead with different types of Stones & Stone Setting's

Further the course goes deep into Mouting of Jewellery and then we jump into the practical designing, where you would learn to design different types of Pendants, Rings, Earings, & Necklaces


  • Based on real pieces of Jewellery this course is aimed at people willing to start manufacturing pieces of jewellery using CAD Software in a professional environment.
  • This course shows how to make jewellery up to the highest standards of quality for the purposes of Manufacturing
  • You can study this course anytime, with LIVE SUPPORT ( Monday-WEDNESDAY-FRIDAY) on Zoom or whatsAPP ( 19:00 - 22:00 IST +530 GMT )
  • Learn Designs which you want to Create. You can share your Designs with us, and we will create a customised video for you
  • Lifetime Access to the VIDEOS

Diploma Course in Jewellery Designing

2D & Advance 3D Jewellery Designing

( Photoshop + Illustrator + Basic and Advance Rhino)

Course Duration: 7 Months
Live Assistance (Support): Lifetime
New Videos Update : Yes

2D & Advance 3D Jewellery Designing

( Photoshop + Illustrator + Basic and Advance Rhino)

Course Duration: 6 Months
Live Assistance (Support): 12 Months
New Videos Update : Yes

Why Study With Us

  1. No pre-requisites to enroll for this training program
  2. Training provided from the basics in a structured manner
  3. Learn anywhere at home or in office ( 24 X 7)
  4. Learn as per your pace in a structured manner
  5. Review old topics or videos as and when required
  6. Live asssitance between 10 am 7 pm IST
  7. Assignments / projects are evaluated by certified instructors
  8. Diploma / Certificates are awarded on completion of the program , submission of projects

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