Online Courses In Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing using Illustrator Course Content

Learn Fashion Designing Online with our interactive online fashion designing course , using Illustrator as well as Photoshop. Begin designing right from the basics and probe deeper into the nuances as a Fashion CAD Designer

Online Fashion Designing Course is a must for all Fashion designing enthusiasts who are serious in making Fashion Designing their prime career. The aim of the course is to make you a Qualified Fashion Designer.

Fashion Designing CAD Course Content

Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
Phase IV
Phase V
Phase VI
Phase VII

Phase I

  1. Illustrator Introduction
  2. User Interface
  3. Basic Shapes
  4. Fill Strokes
  5. How To Apply Gradient
  6. Type Tool
  7. Learn to design a Tshirt
  8. Learn to design a Cap
  9. Learn to design Socks

Phase II

  1. Learn to make a Female Croquie
  2. Learn to make a Male Croquie
  3. Backlines
  4. Neckline
  5. Learn to make a mens bottom wear
  6. Learn to make an overall coat

Phase III

  1. Simple Kurta with Tights
  2. Long Kurta With a Skirt Style Bottom
  3. Transparent Croptop Kurti with Leggings
  4. Green Lehenga with Transparent Jacket

Phase IV

  1. Long Flowing Gown With Dupatta
  2. White Lehenga with Patterned Border
  3. Saree with Jacket Style Blouse

Phase V

  1. Different types of Sleeves
  2. Different styles of Skirts
  3. Different styles of women pants
  4. Western Wear 1 (Shirt-Skirt Combo)
  5. Western Wear 2 (Blouse with leggings)
  6. Airhostess Uniform
  7. Chef Uniform

Phase VI

  1. Mens Collar
  2. Jackets and Coats (blazer)
  3. Mens wear 1 (Tshirt and jeans)
  4. Uniform 1 (pilot)

Phase VII

  1. Kids wear 1
  2. Winter wear
  3. Party wear

Phase VIII - Islamic Fashion Designing

  1. Make Haute Hijab Fashion Dress
  2. Make Artizara Fashion Dress
  3. Make Shukr Fashion Dress
  4. Arab Fashion Style-1
  5. Arab Fashion Style-2