Online Courses In AutoDesk Maya

AutoDesk Maya Course Content

We at Aonlinetraining offer interactive online courses (e-learning) for Autodesk Maya (3D Animation Courses, Character Modelling using Maya).

Online training courses for AutoDesk Maya covers right from the Basics to the Most Advance features

All the tutorials, lessons for AutoDesk Maya are supplemented with proper assignments and projects which are monitored by us (Staff Members of Aonlinetraining)

Online training (courses) for AutoDesk Maya would take a student 150 hours (approx) to Complete.

Maya Course Content

Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
Phase IV
Phase V
Phase VI
Phase VII
Phase VIII

Phase I : Maya Modelling : Online courses in 3D Animation Using Maya

  1. Creating primitive objects
  2. Moving Objects in the 3D Space
  3. Maya View Tools
  4. Channel Box and Manipulators
  5. Grouping and Parenting
  6. Spline Modelling

Phase II - About Nurbs (Non-uniform rational B-spline) : Courses in Maya, Online courses, tutorials

  1. Creating Curve and Surfaces
  2. Attaching and closing Surfaces
  3. Duplicating curves
  4. Lofting and revolving surfaces
  5. Procedural Modeling

Rendering Overview: e-learning courses in Maya, tutorials, study Maya

  1. What is rendering
  2. How Maya renders
  3. Shading Groups
  4. Materials
  5. Lights
  6. Maya architecture - i) Nodes and Attributes ii) Hyper Graph iii) IPR (Interactive Photo realistic Rendering) iv) Hypershade v) Outliner

Phase III - Lighting: online 3d animation courses using AutoDesk Maya

  1. Type of lights – usage of each, techniques for each
  2. Light Linking
  3. Light attributes – What you’re adjusting and why – show manipulators
  4. Light Fog

Shadows Study Maya Online, Training in Maya, Lessons, Tutorials for Maya

  1. Depth map
  2. Ray traced
  3. When and why to use

Motion Blur: Online training in Maya, creative live courses in Maya

Phase IV - General Animation : Maya lessons in 3D Animation

  1. Powerful Keyframing Tools
  2. Keyframing
  3. First Cut, copy and paste of animated objects in the timeline
  4. Animation playblast for rapid review of complex scenes
  5. Path Animation
  6. Edit path or other animation parameters during playback
  7. Set Driven Key
  8. Channel Box
  9. Graph Editor
  10. Precise Controlling on animated parameter changes over time

Phase V - Organic Modeling: Correspondence courses in Animation

  1. Editing Control Vertices (CV)
  2. Round - i)Create rounded bevels of constant radius on any NURBS object
  3. Enhanced Extrude - i) Scale and Rotation Control for extruding a curve along a path
  4. Square - i) Create NURBS from up to 4 curves
  5. Global Stitching - i)Stitching multiple adjoining surfaces together with full continuity
  6. Subdivision of Surfaces
  7. Artisan’s natural brush interface to interactivity sculpt and Paint attributes on polygons and NURBS or add objects to surfaces
  8. Lattices
  9. Sculpt Object

Phase VI - Dynamics : Online courses in 3D Animation using Maya

  1. Rigid Body Dynamics
  2. Soft Body Dynamics
  3. Powerful integrated particle system with expression based control over
  4. Rotation, scaling, translation or parenting
  5. Manipulating particle, fields and emitters
  6. Particle collision
  7. Particle Time Control
  8. Precise keyframe control by adjusting the base timing for each individual
  9. Particle object effect
  10. Fields
  11. ClipFX
  12. fireworks and lighting

Software Particle Rendering : Onlie Maya training.

Hardware Rendering

Phase VII - Maya Paint Effects using 3D studio Paint (basics) : Lessons in Maya, AutoDesk

  1. Powerful Painting Techniques
  2. Flickering flames
  3. Making Ropes
  4. Making Cities
  5. Paint Effects brushes
  6. Natural Media Brushes
  7. Effects Brushes
  8. Brush Attributes
  9. Rendering Paint Effects
  10. Visor

Phase VIII - Character Modeling : Online training in Character Modelling using Maya

  1. Turtle Modeling
  2. Elepahant Modeling : Study, Create, Maya