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Course Contents
Module 3:
Word Processing

Getting Started with Word 2007


Opening & Closing Word & Existing Files


Changing Word 2000 Options


Entering and Deleting Text


Creating and Saving Documents


Selecting Text with the Mouse and/or Keyboard


Using Help


Correcting Mistakes




Displaying Toolbars


Print Preview and Printing documents


Formatting Text


Changing the Look of Text and Aligning Text


Inserting Symbols and Special Characters


Bullets & Numbering


Indenting Text


Putting Borders and Shading Around Text


Using the Format Painter






Page Numbering


Working with Long Documents


Moving & Copying Text


Page Breaks




Line Spacing


Headers & Footers


Changing the Page Orientation and Paper Size




Spelling & Grammar


Go To Find & Replace


Tables in Word


Creating & Editing Tables


Borders / Shading and Formatting in Tables


Using Graphics in Word


Drawing and Formatting Shapes


Inserting, Moving and Resizing Clipart


Working with Files in Word


Using and Creating Templates


Saving as a Different Format


Importing Excel Worksheets into Word


Creating an Embedded Excel Chart


Importing Charts from Excel into Word


Mail Merge


Creating a Data Document for a Mail Merge


Creating a Standard Letter for a Mail Merge


Carrying out a Mail Merge



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