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Course Contents
Module 4:

Getting Started with Excel 2007


New, Opening, Saving and Closing Files


Viewing and Moving Around a Spreadsheet


Working with Toolbars


Entering Text and Numbers


Using Help


Selecting Cells


Using Undo


Correcting Mistakes


Making Simple Calculations


Adding up Numbers with AutoSum


Using Sum Function to Add Numbers Up


Entering Simple Formulae


Editing Formulae


Editing a Worksheet


Copying and Moving Data with Drag and Drop


Using More Than One Workbook


Using AutoFill to Copy Text and Formulae


Find and Replace


Checking the Spelling


Symbols and Special Characters


Sorting Data


Functions and Cell References


Using Relative and Absolute Cell References


Finding the Average


Printing Workbooks


Print Preview and Printing a Worksheet


Printing Ranges and More than One Copy


Page Setup


Creating Headers and Footers


Formatting Worksheets




Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns


Resizing Columns and Rows


Changing the Font and Font Size


Changing the Number Format


Changing the Alignment


Applying Borders


Rotating Text




Creating / Moving / Resizing / Formatting and printing a Chart


Using the Chart Toolbar


Changing Chart Options


Saving as a Web Page


Saving in Other File Formats


Creating and Editing Templates


Importing and Exporting


Saving in Other Formats



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