Online Courses In Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver Course Content

We at Aonlinetraining offer interactive online courses (e-learning) for Adobe Dreamweaver.

Our online training courses for Adobe Dreamweaver starts right from the Basics to the Most Advance features of the subject. All the tutorials, lessons for Adobe Dreamweaver are supplemented with proper assignments and projects which are monitored by us (Staff Members of Aonlinetraining)

A fairly good understanding of the software will help you to translate all your ideas into great looking designs !

Dreamweaver Course Content

Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
Phase IV
Phase V
Phase VI

Phase I

  1. How to Start the Dreamweaver Program
  2. Introduction to Dreamweaver Interface
  3. Defining & Manging a Site
  4. Creating & Saving Pages
  5. Arranging Workspaces
  6. Property Inspector
  7. Design View, Code, Split, Live & Inspect
  8. Text and Text Editing.
  9. Using the Property Inspector
  10. Previewing in a browser.

Phase II

  1. Inserting a Page Title
  2. Page Properties
  3. Inserting Image and Image Editing
  4. Linking
    1. Hyperlinks (Text Hyperlinks)
    2. Email Linking
    3. Image linking

Phase III

  1. Creating Tables
    1. Create a table for data
    2. Add or remove rows & columns
    3. Cellspacing & Padding
    4. Border Properties
  2. Forms
    1. Creating Form
    2. Styling the form
    3. Validating the form

Phase IV

  1. Working with Media
    1. Including Audio
    2. Using Tables with the Audio Player
    3. Integrating Adobe Flash Video
    4. Incorporating HTML5 Video

Phase V

  1. Styling Pages
    1. CSS Explained
    2. CSS Designer Overview
    3. Creating a Style Sheet
    4. Attaching A CSS File

Phase VI

  1. Fluid Layouts
    1. Fluid Layout Introduction
    2. Understanding Fluid Layout
    3. Media Queries
    4. Creating Responsive layout with Fluid Grids